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With the advance of molecular biology and high throughput methods, biological issues require more and more bioinformatics analyses. However, it is not always easy to communicate and to be understood with computer science specialists. Like in biology, bioinformatics is composed of various analytical methods, which are adapted to specific conditions. In laboratory, the processes to extract DNA from GRAM – and GRAM + bacteria are drastically different. In the same way, BLAST, the most famous bioinformatics method, is perfect to find similar sequences but cannot be used in the process of taxonomic assignation.

The particularity of Biomanda is our team of bioinformatics specialists and their dual competence in biology and in computer sciences. This guarantees a correct understanding of your biological issues and the selection of the most adapted bioinformatics strategy.

To fulfil your expectations, we offer tailored-made solutions of bioinformatics from data-mining to statistical analyses in biology :

We also offer virtual laboratory services : to take advantage of the abundance of biological data to carry out in silico experiments, make significant savings in R&D and increase R&D success :

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*: There is currently no sequencing technology with sufficient depth of analysis to meet with the requirements of metagenomic exhaustivity except for simple environments like the case of the acid mine.