Introducing our 6 service offerings:

1- Our turnkey solutions Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics

We work with you on your biology issues to bring the best solution for your situation.

For this, we establish several packages:

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2- Our customized bioinformatics services

We adapt our bioinformatics solutions and our expertise to your needs in order to enhance your biological data.

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3- Trainings in Bioinformatics & Molecular Biology

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4- #Biomanda Search

Retrieval of technical information such as DNA sequences or culture parameters is tedious. Many papers have to be carefully read without being sure a document contains the information you want.

Biomanda introduces a new application, #Biomanda Search , to extract the relevant information from the internet open-source scientific literature. This technical information can be linked to other data contained in scientific databases to perform a pre-analysis.
For instance, #Biomanda Search can be used in genetics : every DNA sequence used in DNA technologies was collected and their efficiency was challenged in order to sort the best ones.

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Bioinformatics is a field of biology emerged in the 80s. This domain becomes essential in the scientific strategies in biology since the 2000s, with the automation of DNA sequencing techniques (Sanger, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)) and mass spectrometry. There are four different families in bioinformatics :

In Biomanda, we are specialized in the bioinformatics of sequences. We offer :

Some ideas...


Keep a competitive edge by checking the efficiency of your detection solutions and by improving them with the latest updates of databases. Adapt to all customer requests in terms of detection and biodiversity studies, even the most unusual ones!


Upgrade a recipe or control your work environment with a comprehensive knowledge of the microbial flora and turnkey analyzes. Perform contamination screening by using the latest methods of molecular biology and comparative statistical analyzes.


Experience the effect of a product on the bacterial flora of a tissue with next-gen biodiversity studies. Detection, typing: browse our offerings of improvements and turnkey analysis.
Boost your analysis services by adding the power of bioinformatics!


We can develop and improve detection solutions dedicated to animal health. We can assess the effect of treatment on the commensal or infectious microbiota of tissues with great precision.
We can perform contamination screening with the contribution of the latest technologies.


Today the latest breakthroughs in biotechnology allow us to know the microbial flora of a biotope exhaustively. By combining these approaches with concrete problems of environmental professionals, it is possible to assess the effectiveness of a treatment on microbes or viruses!


What are the effects of cosmetics on your skin or mucous membranes? With high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics, evaluate precisely the impact on human commensal microflora. If ever you suspect any degradation of a product? Have the reflex Biomanda to assess microbial evolution.


Bring a competitive advantage to your product detection, by checking exhaustively the specificity and the sensitivity of the method with the latest updates of databases.


You are confronted with difficulties of detection? You want to improve your detection solution?
After a thorough analysis of the specificity and sensibility, we make the changes necessary to guarantee a solution to the forefront of knowledge in biology!


We have a unique bioinformatics solution to collect all the scientific literature on a detection method and to retrieve all PCR primers and probes in these articles.


A new project, a request for unusual detection? We offer a turnkey package: feasibility study and design of your primers and probes with the guarantee Biomanda, optimal specificity and sensitivity!


Use high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics to know exhaustively the biodiversity of an ecosystem and perform advanced analysis, comparison of habitats depending on various factors. Biomanda's commitment: independence with sequencing steps to guarantee perfect quality!

Big Data

Focus on your skills by performing the analysis of your results with Biomanda. Think of our "ready to publish" formula, with analysis reports and intuitive figures. You're not equipped for some steps of typing, you want to test new methodologies? We find out the right solutions for you!


You have sequencing data, but difficulties to analyze them? You have a doubt about the results from the high-throughput sequencing?
Do not waste another minute and outsource your need for enjoying our listening and our experience in this area!

Big Data

Go deeper in your analysis by seeking additional data from the Internet and by adding them to your existing analysis (phylogeny, biodiversity, typing, etc..).


Save time and money by giving us your transcriptomic results, and get turnkey results you can use directly for your internal and external communications.


A research project in genomics? Depending on your needs, outsource sequencing and/or bioinformatics by trusting Biomanda and its network of partners in molecular biology.

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You are not equipped to perform
some steps of wet biology ?

No problem, Biomanda provides you with our network of quality partners!


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