Bioinformatics services

Why and when to use bioinformatics services?



The advances in molecular biology has created new needs and new constraints in biology (data storage, modeling and analysis of massive data, etc.).
To meet these challenges that are specific to biology, the field of bioinformatics has :

The virtual lab

One of the major advantages of bioinformatics is to enable an innovative management of R&D processes in biology and biotechnology. Laboratory tests and validations are heavy expenditure items in R&D strategies. Bioinformatics allows modeling R&D stages to better focus research efforts on promising hypotheses and removal of unsuccessful runs.

For DNA-based technologies (PCR detection, NGS sequencing, etc.), it is possible to validate the feasibility of an application or to test a prototype using the entire data of the scientific community.

Big Data in biology

Next-gen technologies in molecular biology are high-throughput approaches that can deliver several gigabytes of data per day. To manage and process this data stream, a bioinformatics Big Data strategy is mandatory. Unfortunately, this first stage of raw data treatment is not sufficient to meet with the initial biological problems.

To make these data intelligible, it is necessary to connect them with current knowledge of the scientific community. This network action, which can be related to a kind of mountain guide, is called data mining. Finally, biostatistics analysis should be performed to validate the works.

Biomanda bioinformatics services

Biomanda offers customized supports for your bioinformatics problems, through several services. We also provide advices in the choice and the implementation of molecular biology steps. This peculiarity in our structure is supported by our dual expertise in both biology and computer science that allows us to speak the same language as you!